March 28, 2019 / Events

Know Your T

Know the difference between gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and biological sex?

Some of us were a little fuzzy on the details, so earlier this month, June Chua, executive director of The T Project, one of Potato’s partners, visited our office to talk about gender and the transgender community in Singapore. A total open book, she educated our teams about common misconceptions and offered us a glimpse into what it means to be transgender growing up in Singapore.

Founded by June and her late sister Alicia Chua in 2014, The T Project is the first and only social service for the transgender community in Singapore.

The T Project runs the only shelter for homeless transgender women in Singapore, and their Alicia Community Center offers counselling with trans-focused counselling service. The T Project also supports the community through outreach and advocacy, offering corporate talks such as this one.

Interested in finding out more? You can reach out to The T Project here.