Potato Productions started in 2005 as a media and publishing house. Since then, we’ve evolved into a portfolio of companies in industries ranging from digital content to education.

We support innovative enterprises seeking to make a social impact, and create new ones too. We take an industry-agnostic approach, focusing on the ways we can use technology and creativity for good.
We don't believe in sustainability; we believe in improvement.

History and achievements

Our founder

“Since it was founded in 2005, Potato Productions has continually evolved to cope with changes and to drive change. Its growing number of companies are each set up with skill sets to provide solutions to specific problems. This allows Potato to handle society’s complicated problems with complex, many-faceted solutions. Today there are nearly 100 of us in many countries and we are always looking for like-minded people to join us.”

— Lee Han Shih, Chief Spud
The founder of Potato is Lee Han Shih. Before throwing caution to the wind to start Potato, he was a teacher, a civil servant and a long-time correspondent with the Business Times. He is a fluent speaker of Chinese and English (and can curse in a few more languages).


Christine Chong


Claudia Poh


Felicia Low


Gan Khiaw Choo

Visual Director

Geraldine Ang


Hann Li Young

Project Director

Janan Loh

Chief Operating Officer

Jani Song


Lynette Lee

Project Lead

Oon Hong Quek

Creative Director

Pei Ying Loh


Saad Chinoy

Chief Geek

Sarah Wan Yau

Managing Director

Sheila Manokaran


Wei Ping Liew

Director of Operations & Projects

Wendy Wong

Managing and Creative Director