August 13, 2019 / Education

The Patatas Shares Journey

In July, The Patatas visited their partner, Tiwala Kids and Communities, in the Philippines. There, they conducted a CaseStudy training session for the teachers and met up with the Regional Director of the Department of Education for the Bicol region in the Philippines. Thanks to the traction The Patatas’ initiatives have garnered in schools, the project is now endorsed by the local government. The Patatas also met up with representatives from Good Neighbours International Philippines to discuss potential collaborations to bring CaseStudy to more communities in the Philippines.

The Patatas was interviewed by The Pride and Janan had the opportunity to share about CaseStudy and the team’s journey:

“As the project progressed, there was a shift in the mindset of the parents. Once they saw that their children were actually improving, more and more parents started putting in a little money to send their children for this education if it was conducted in a location slightly further away. From a poorer community that prioritises work over education, to make a mindset shift, I think it was a huge point of validation.”

If you are keen to collaborate with The Patatas by providing content that could be digitised, such as basic english and math lessons, drop them a note at