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Potato Productions began life in 2005 as a media and production house. More than a decade on, Potato Productions houses a diverse multiplexity of enterprises collectively bound together by a dedication to technological innovation, dynamic creativity, and the effecting of real and positive change.

We are Singapore-based, Asia-focused, and internationally-active. Apart from our Singapore headquarters, we have active interests all over the globe, including presences in Beijing and Hollywood. As a corporate group, we act as a holding company, impact and venture investor, and social innovator, in multiform enterprises, across a range of sectors. We are a diverse and transnational family with a common vision to be creative, have fun, and do good.

Potato Productions is highly adaptive and responsive to the needs of an evolving technological frontier, and an evolving global society. We are involved in: technological innovations in healthcare; translation; augmented and virtual reality; and digital and enterprise mobility. We support and develop social capital through social enterprises that seek to democratise and use technology for the common good. And we provide creative and information consultancy, publication, and design services for myriad clients in entertainment, fashion, government, and education.

The Potato Family


creates bespoke web and mobile solutions for a variety of enterprise clients and startups. We focus on User Experiences and quick prototypes to enable clients to ensure higher user adoption, and a better Return of Investment. Our key clients include Daimler, Chubb, UOB, OCBC and Ricoh.

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is a joint venture of VastPark and Potato specialising in the development of browser based virtual worlds and 3D environments. VastPotato is redefining the digital experience for sales, education, training and entertainment.

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Matlock Stone

is an entertainment company that creates, develops and markets Asian content with an aim to tell the region’s stories — from life and fiction, past and present — to audiences around the world.

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Radical Asia

is a joint venture between Matlock Stone and Radical Studios, a leading Los Angeles-based film and entertainment company. Combining the operational expertise and market experience of both parent companies, the company specializes in the development of original concepts and stories targeted for the Asian market.

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is a technology and design studio, delivering the best in digital services. Be it e-books, interactive apps, social platforms or websites, we help you build solutions that move and persuade.

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The Patatas

plays a key role in fulfilling Potato’s commitment to community improvement through social change. We are a group of social innovators who enjoy collaborating with various partners for worthy causes. Our vision is to bring about positive change through technology-based solutions for underrepresented communities.

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Hyper Collective

is an online platform that aims to promote the works of independent fashion designers to create greater awareness of the underground fashion scene and to seek opportunities as well as partnerships within the creative industry. The platform is also focused on churning out alternative fashion content to inspire like-minded creatives and aspiring talents alike.

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Chuang Shu Beijing Infoconsultancy

provides consultancy in a wide range of businesses involving visual identity design, smartphone software development, strategic management consulting, marketing, innovative production, and translation and business registration services to ease Sino-Singaporean investment.

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Tuber Productions

is a design and editorial consultancy, focussing on all things printed from magazines, brochures, identity design, packaging, coffee table books, press kits, environment based installations to mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

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BAR Corporate Services

is a small business support service company. We provide business support to the Potato Group of Companies in book-keeping, human resource, administration and office management services. We also offer our services to non-profits and NGOs.

Radical Studios

is a Potato partner, and an American multimedia studio based in Los Angeles. Radical has branches in feature films, television, physical and digital publishing, merchandise, recorded music, digital and online media applications, and mobile and social games.

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is a Potato partner, and a fast growing technology company with a vision to enable technology to revolutionise the education industry. LittleLives is Singapore’s No. 1 preschool management system, and is setting its sights on the global market.

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is a Potato partner, and a community of math professionals, together with students, parents and teachers, who strive to help one another understand math better and share different approaches to solving problems.

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Joy Works

is a Potato partner, and a facilitator of leadership and staff development to create high-performance workplaces where people flourish. Using creative, humanistic and research-based approaches, Joy Works works on the intangibles that deeply affect your organisational results — relationships, emotions, higher purpose and more.

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Choson Exchange

is a Potato partner, and an organisation designed to support entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals in North Korea through workshops, internships, mentorships and scholarships inside and outside of the DPRK.

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Blessings In A Bag

is a Potato partner, and an organisation that seeks to inspire the community to put on their invisible capes of awesome-ness, and to equip them with the tools to drive their own radical acts of kindness.

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Himalayan Mutt Project

is a Potato partner, and an NGO based in Singapore that helps rural Himalayan communities manage and control community dog populations for the welfare of the community and the natural environment.

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The Hantu Bloggers

is a Potato partner, and the only non-profit, volunteer dive organisation in Singapore that conducts guided and educational dives for members of the public in Pulau Hantu, Singapore’s most popular Southern Island, known for its sheltered and biologically diverse reefs.

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The Dorsal Effect

is a Potato partner, and an ecotourism business that focusses on providing alternative livelihood for shark fishermen to promote shark conservation.

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