Fly-A-Way: A Board Game by Tuber

Tuber’s love for design and storytelling has brought them to a completely new place—the world of board games. Live now on Kickstarter, Fly-A-Way is a competitive, family-friendly game where players strategise to gain the most points from completing migratory routes and saving birds. Together with their knowledge partner BirdLife International Asia, Tuber has crafted the game’s mechanics and […]

The Makers Club: Digital Launch

Difference Engine, a Potato company, is proud to present the digital launch of The Makers Club: Game On!, the first book in a new graphic novel series that aims to inspire kids to explore STEAM topics and maker culture. The Makers Club: Game On! features a group of fun and diverse characters who embark on […]

Staring at the Sun

The moon sometimes just gets in the way, casting a shadow over everyone on what would be just another day. On December 26,2019, a rare annular solar eclipse, known as a ring of fire, was visible from the rooftop of the Potato office. Prompted by the strangeness of this transient midday darkness, or perhaps nothing […]

Tech for Good Hackathon

Members of various companies within Potato Productions came together to participate in The Codette Project’s Tech for Good Hackathon. The Codette Project aims to provide minority women resources and access to careers in tech, and runs the only women’s hackathon in Singapore. Working in different roles across Potato Productions and having never worked together as […]

Know Your T

Know the difference between gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and biological sex? Some of us were a little fuzzy on the details, so earlier this month, June Chua, executive director of The T Project, one of Potato’s partners, visited our office to talk about gender and the transgender community in Singapore. A total open […]