Championing education for marginalised communities

Janan, the COO of The Patatas, has been working to provide more access to education for underprivileged communities, alongside his team for years. Having been on the ground, he visited many of these communities and understood their pain points, seeing things from their perspectives. In this #PotatoSpotlight, he shares more about his take on education […]

The ‘IT guy’ everyone turns to when the WiFi is on the fritz

Meet Saad, the co-founder (or Chief Geek, with a creative tech spin to it) of Spudnik Lab!  Phones, laptop, TV might be easily accessible to all of us, but there is a portion of the world who lacks accessibility to stay connected. That is where Spudniklab comes in. Saad leads a team who is passionate […]

A story about a girl who was late for everything in life

If you are familiar with Potato’s history, you may know that Tuber was the first company that planted the roots of the Potato group! And it has been helmed by Weiping for more than a decade as the Director for Projects and Operations. From branding to editorial publication and digital content, she is well-versed in […]

Wonder who’s behind the curtain of the 55 Minutes team?

Did you know that Wendy is one of the veterans in Potato (15 years and counting!)? After more than a decade of hustle and bustle, we finally got the opportunity to chat with her. With a strong passion for user experience design, Wendy started 55 minutes, a Potato company that provides UI UX services by […]