Fly-A-Way: A Board Game by Tuber

Tuber’s love for design and storytelling has brought them to a completely new place—the world of board games. Live now on Kickstarter, Fly-A-Way is a competitive, family-friendly game where players strategise to gain the most points from completing migratory routes and saving birds. Together with their knowledge partner BirdLife International Asia, Tuber has crafted the game’s mechanics and […]

Data Vis Spotlight: Maps

This post first appeared in Kontinentalist’s newsletter, Notes from the Equator. Kontinentalist, a Potato company, monitors Asia’s latest developments and uses maps to tell compelling stories. A map is one of the data visualisations that needs no introduction. Maps have existed for a long time, and they are now integrated into our daily lives in […]

Coding a Kontinentalist Story

In my eight months of working with Kontinentalist as a front-end web developer, I’ve worked on five hard-coded stories and a handful of auxiliary data vis for other normal scroll stories. This roughly equates to one and a half months of work to produce a hard-coded story from conception to end. For that reason, I’ve […]

How I write data-driven stories

I’ve been a writer for almost two years now at Kontinentalist, a data-driven editorial studio in Singapore. In that time, I’ve interviewed my fair share of prospective interns, writers, and editors. Almost always, when asked why they’re interested in the position, our interviewees answer something along the lines of, “to learn how Kontinentalist merges data […]

Tuber wins gold for Challenge Magazine

A big congratulations to Tuber for their work on Challenge Magazine. For the fourth time, they’ve bagged the Content Marketing Awards’ Best Government Publication! Since 2010, Tuber has been the editorial and design consultant for Challenge, working closely with the Singapore Public Service Division to produce engaging content and cutting-edge design. Their work extends beyond […]

Tech for Good Hackathon

Members of various companies within Potato Productions came together to participate in The Codette Project’s Tech for Good Hackathon. The Codette Project aims to provide minority women resources and access to careers in tech, and runs the only women’s hackathon in Singapore. Working in different roles across Potato Productions and having never worked together as […]