How I write data-driven stories

I’ve been a writer for almost two years now at Kontinentalist, a data-driven editorial studio in Singapore. In that time, I’ve interviewed my fair share of prospective interns, writers, and editors. Almost always, when asked why they’re interested in the position, our interviewees answer something along the lines of, “to learn how Kontinentalist merges data […]

The Patatas Shares Journey

In July, The Patatas visited their partner, Tiwala Kids and Communities, in the Philippines. There, they conducted a CaseStudy training session for the teachers and met up with the Regional Director of the Department of Education for the Bicol region in the Philippines. Thanks to the traction The Patatas’ initiatives have garnered in schools, the […]

Singlish: You know anot?

In celebration of Singapore’s 54th birthday, Jala, our translation platform, covered various aspects of Singlish on their blog. In Singlish: You know anot?, they look at how the government’s perception of Singlish has changed over the years, and provide some background on common Singlish phrases and how to apply them in conversation.  Ever wondered what a philosophical passage […]