View from the Edge: Ender’s Game

Thirty-five years after its publication, Ender’s Game might soon become real life. Ender’s Game, a short story that became a novel that became a movie that became recommended reading for high-level US Armed Forces officers, is set in a future where kids fought a galactic war for the future of humanity while playing video games […]

View from the Edge: History and Technology

Many have the impression that history only looks at the past while tech only at the future, and the two are hardly related. Well, they can’t be more wrong. Both history and tech deal with changes. And both deal with human beings. Given that human nature has remained constant since recorded history, the patterns of […]

View from the Edge: Digital Advertising

There may be huge gaps between China and the US, but in digital advertising they are strangely similar. Both markets are dominated by the same combination of tech giants: in the US by GFA – Google, Facebook and Amazon; in China, it is (or was) ruled by BAT – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. In other […]

View from the Edge: Force Majeure during Covid-19

If you were asked to name the most important words in the tech sector, what would you choose? Pre-Covid-19, there were many possible options: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, venture funding, IPO, CRISPR or, as Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump might choose, social media. Today, with the world going through a pandemic, the two words […]

View from the Edge: Virtual Worlds

Two seemingly unrelated events took place early this month. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, “the Oracle of Omaha,” dumped all the airline stocks in his listed Berkshire Hathaway with huge losses. And the organizers of V-Ket4 said they were on target to receive 1m visitors to their virtual expo when it expires on May 10. Covid-19 […]

View from the Edge: Covid-19

Nearly seven hundred years before Covid-19, the Black Death, a global epidemic of bubonic plague, swept through Europe, killing an estimated one-third of its population of 100 million. For many of the survivors, this was the best thing that could have happened. Plague – unlike death, war and famine, the three other doomsday horsemen of […]